Here is a link to schedules for the 2022 Spring Sports season.
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Valley Local School District Restart Plan Revision
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The ParentAccess Mobile App is now available to download. Search for the word progressbook in your smartphone's respective app store. The app is named ProgressBook Parent/Student & has a purple graduation cap icon. You can watch a short video Frontline made about the ParentAccess Mobile App here: (Search for Valley Local Schools once in the app) Note: This app is for Parents and Students. There isn't a GradeBook app for Teachers at this time. There is a DASL app named ProgressBook SIS Admin & has a blue & white gradution cap icon. META PB Team For Android: For iPhone:
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Valley parents and students. This is a reminder that if your child is sick, has been exposed to covid, or is positive for covid, please do not send them to school. Report all absences to your child's school and complete the student illness survey located on the valley website(and below in this post). This survey is located next to the information about covid 19. We ask that anytime your child is sick, exposed to covid, or positive for Covid that you complete this survey and do not send them to school. The school nurse, or Mrs. Buckle will contact you if more information is needed and when your child can return. We appreciate your help in keeping Valley students and staff safe and healthy. "
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FREE SUMMER MEALS FOR KIDS! Please click here for information and the application:
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Preschool & Kindergarten Registration is now open! Click here for more information.
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