Scioto County Honors Choir & Band

On February 28, several students from Valley represented the school in a stellar manner by being selected for the Scioto County Honors Choir and Band.  Students were required to audition and these were the individuals selected for HS Band:  Nathan Cooper, Noah Osborne, Allen Smith, Noelle Smith, and Sarah Throckmorton.  The Choir students were Tabitha Boggs, Micah Bradshaw, Laurianne DeAtley, Cheyenne Shope, and Carter Smith.  Micah Bradshaw was the recipient of one of the two scholarships given to students majoring in Music in college next year.  He intends to attend Ohio State University in the fall.

Choir (L to R):  Micah Bradshaw, Carter Smith, Mrs. Myra Parker, Tabitha Boggs, Cheyenne Shope, and Laurianne DeAtley

Band (L to R):  Mr. Tyler Payne, Noah Osborne, Sarah Throckmorton, Noelle Smith, Nathan Cooper, and Allen Smith

Micah Bradshaw - scholarship recipient