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District Forms
This is the handbook for the 2019-2020 School Year
Please fill this form out if you have moved and your mailing address or physical address has changed so we can update our system.
To enroll a new student that lives within the district.
All Non-Resident Students Form must be completed for any student who does not reside in Valley Local School District.
A Language Usage Survey is required for all students upon enrollment in Ohio schools.
All Students Grades 3 -12 Explains acceptable use for using the Valley Network and District computers. Until returned, students will not have access to the computer network. Sign and return page 9.
Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Plans for Valley Local School Students (2020-2021)
Attached are the forms available for voluntary student enrollment in the
Student Accident Insurance Plans for the 2020-2021 school year under Valley
Local School's GTL Policy #344-OOP-220-K.
Elementary Forms
Packet of forms to enroll child into Pre-School Program. Packet contains the following items: child enrollment information, child physical exam, early childhood background, ECE eligibility screening tool, parent permission and agreement, permission to release, student profile, registration items to submit
Middle School Forms
All Valley Middle School Students (as needed) ? Fill out and return form to authorize Valley Middle School Staff to administer student medication.
High School Forms
All Valley High School Students (as needed). Form needed in order for a minor to work. Must be completed by parent and superintendent.
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